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About Us

KMH-MPH has been the market leader in converting imported vehicles into MPH or KMH for over fifteen years, the company originally supported the Japanese import sector and was at the forefront during the introduction of the SVA scheme.   A range of high specification speedometer converters and delimiters were developed by us to go alongside the most comprehensive parts stock to allow these vehicles to the made UK compliant.

Alongside this, a full range of European models has been gradually added during this time, as the vehicle technology has moved on and we have added and adapted to this technology are not only able to supply very high quality replacement dial facias but also reprogramming of the vehicle's electronics to allow the odometer and fuel computer to be converted.

We now have the largest portfolio of both MPH and KMH speedometer conversions available in the UK.   All of our products are fully VCA / IVA compliant.   Such is our level of expertise, we now can list many car and motorbike manufacturers as our customers.

 Our experience in the removal and stripping of speedometer units, the very delicate task of speedo needle removal, friendly and professional advice all mean you are in safe hands with us and we look forward to assisting you in any way.


The KMH / MPH team