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Our Speedometer dials are direct replacement polycarbonate units as fitted by the manufacturer.   The scaling and colours are very closely matched to ensure a factory look and the backlight is carefully managed for night illumination.
Most dials incorporate the various warning symbols so when choosing your dial so please check your speedometer carefully against our images, please send a picture via email if you are unsure and we will verify the correct one you require.
We have a huge stock of both dual reading MPH / KMH and single scale KMH speedo dial kits for both imported and exported vehicles, please search via our Find your Speedo listing on this site.  If you are unable to find your required dial please use the contact us form or email us.
Due to the complexity of a speedometer unit we do recommend installation either by ourselves or by a trained technician to avoid damage to the delicate needle assembly.   Once damage has occured it normally means replacement but we are able to repair some versions.  We are able to do most models by of return post if you send us your speedometer, we will convert for you and send back ready for refitment, please contact us if you require this service.   Alternatively a fully fitted service is available at our workshop by appointment.

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